How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online From Home

It is possible to start a blog and make money online In India. Work from home with easy and simple steps. Right now you might think it is tough, but starting a blog and making money through it is actually a way to get rich.

Yes, you can make money online by blogging and making use of internet in India.

With persistence, time and efforts, you can even create your own career blogging. It is  one of the legitimate ways to make money online.

As such there is no shortcut to get rich and to get money fast.

There are millions of bloggers blogging on their websites but very few get successful.

If you study those few bloggers you can understand what they have done. How these bloggers are writing? What they are writing and selling on their websites. Just a small study will get you into the job.

But Only hard work pays off. 

For somebody  blogging is the way to earn extra money from home and I feel it the best way to make money online. 

For top 25 ways to make money online read my article here.

Why you want to start a blog? Ask yourself a question. There are more reasons than one.

  • Establish your authority on a subject you love,
  • Find your tribe and solve their problems,
  • Learn from others who love what you do about how they tackle the same problems,
  • Inspire others with your incredible content, and
  • Open up a world of opportunities  and way to make money while doing all of the above.

In short inspire others and solve their problems.

It is very simple to start your blog.

This guide will show you the steps you need to take to start a self-hosted WordPress blog with small investment. Students can start it doing while studying. They can make it a part time job. Work on what you love to do and you can start earning extra money by making WordPress Blog.

1. Getting a Good Domain Name

The first thing you have to do is when setting up a blog is getting a good domain name. It is important to choose a good domain name upfront. How you can pick a good domain name for your blog or website followed by some domain name picking tips and general outlines. Important key rules while picking up the domain name are

  • Use Keywords ,
  • Domain name should be easy to remember,
  • Keep it short,
  • Make it easy to type,
  • Try to get the TLDs like  .com, .net, .org domain name extensions which are more popular than any other domain name extensions.

Godaddy  is right choice for the domain registration. It offers cheap domain registration. You can buy the domain name on discounted rate. If you go in for 2 years it offers in even more lesser price . Namecheap is also nice option to buy the domain names.

Register your domain as low as $0.88/year with Name Cheap.

New TLDs as cheap as 88 cents

Now you got the domain name of your choice. Now it is time to buy Reliable yet low cost Web hosting.

2. Getting a Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

Hosting is very important when it comes for the speed of your website. Choose hosting carefully to get the optimum benefits. I prefer the siteground hosting . There are lot of super cheap web hosting service provider.But I found SiteGround is among the best Website hosting being Faster and reliable.

It is safer. They are best in terms of qualify servers and quick customer support.

If you have startup website then you can go in for Startup or BigGrow.

Siteground is most reliable in terms of quality of servers and great customer support for the hosting.

You can buy SiteGround at discounted price here.

Web Hosting

The paid web hosting have benefits over free web hosting. Paid web hosting can  provide you customization and control your content. And you shouldn’t choose a free hosting if your main goal is to start a blog and make money online.

  • With free hosting, you have to follow the their terms and Conditions.
  • They can close your site at any time because they own your content.
  • Free hosting has restrictions when you start monetizing your blog.

It might be confusing, but yes. and a are different. comes with free hosting service. can be installed to your very own hosting WordPress website. With a self-hosted WordPress blog:

  • You can write and modify your own content as per your own thoughts.
  • You can install a theme of your choice and give a professional look to your website.
  • Your website performs better on search engine searches, so increasing the traffic and ultimately your business.
  • Website speed improves and fast loading in the browser.
  • You can run your blog as a business, which is the goal.
  • You can provide more personalization and customization in your content.

So if you are serious about blogging, then this small investment will give you edge over others. It will be the best decision in the long run.And if you own your content from the get-go, you can start earning the most money possible from your blog immediately.


3. Set up your hosting and domain

Starting your self-hosted blog requires two things: a domain, and hosting for that domain.
Web Hosting

  • Siteground offers superior, fast 24/7 customer service
  • They install WordPress for you for free
  • If you already have a website, they offer free website setup and transfer
  • Industry leading in terms of uptime

Siteground offers three options for hosting plans. You can use this link to sign up and get 60% off your first hosting plan!

The discount only applies to the number of months you pay for upfront, so I recommend paying for as many months in advance as possible.

como ganar dinero en internet

You receive 60% off the hosting plan of your choice with Siteground.

You can start with Startup Plan. In the StartUp plan although you get access to a website with essential features including phenomenal customer support, you are limited to only hosting one website. But if as your visitors and your space requirement increase you can upgrade it to the GrowBig or GoGeek Plans.

Here are the additional features the GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer you:

  • Priority support available on GrowBig and GoGeek: You do not have to wait   too long for Siteground’s customer service; they have fast response systems to reply customer queries. .
  • Free Backup, Free SSL and supercacher for great speed is available with GrowBig and GoGeek plans.
  • SG Optimiser Plugin : one of the most important things for every serious blogger is how fast our websites load! Siteground knows this is important for keeping the visitor on your website and for better SEO rankings. Siteground’s WordPress caching solution(the SG Optimiser) is available with the GrowBig and GoGeek plans and it helps speed up a website up to several times.
  • Multiple domain websites: As I mentioned, Siteground’s StartsUp plan allows only one domain name and website. So, if you’re interested in hosting more than one website in the same hosting account, you can consider either the GrowBig or GoGeek plan.

After you select your plan and either purchase or transfer your new domain, all you have to do is take a few minutes to fill out your information.


como ganar dinero en internet

Before you complete your purchase, Siteground gives you the option to select extra services. If you don’t want your own personal information to become publicly available, spend the extra $12/year to purchase domain privacy. They also give you the option of purchasing the Site Scanner which checks your website daily and lets you know if your website has been hacked.

Seriously, you can start a website at less than $3.95/mo! It’s one small sacrifice (like skipping the coffee) every month in order to start the profitable blog of your dreams.


Sign Up for Siteground hosting (60% discount)

4. Install WordPress

Now your domain name and hosting is setup you can install WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is an open Source Software which is also called as CMS. i.e. Content Management System. With WordPress you can create responsive and beautiful UI design websites easily. No Coding knowledge is required. Although some knowledge of PHP and MySQL is better. After setting up your domain name and hosting, you can install WordPress. You can use one-click WordPress installation or ask a Siteground customer support to install WordPress for you. Once you install WordPress, bookmark your WordPress dashboard. You can access your WordPress dashboard by typing in:


Add your username and Password you get while installing wordpress.

5. Install a theme

Thousands of free wordpress themes are available on But it is recommended to purchase a theme for your new WordPress website. Our favorite places to buy WordPress themes include:

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes


You can find a variety of quality themes on Themeforest for anything you’re trying to pull off or accomplish. While creating a website or blog the Website theme creates a right impact on the user. Find the theme as per your niche. Nice & Beautiful theme, Fonts and graphics creates a lasting impression on the users.

6. Navigating the WordPress dashboard

WordPress dashboard , in simple terms is a control panel for navigation.  If you’re new to WordPress you might be overwhelmed by its Dashboard. But Don’t worry, once you learn all the terms, you’ll realize how simple it can be. Letus see the WordPress dashboard options on the left sidebar.


Posts helps you to create new posts, organize your posts, including your post categories and tags. You can view All Posts including drafts and edit your posts from here. When you add a new post, you can also manage its categories and tags.

Please, please make sure Uncategorized is unchecked.

Give each post the love and recognition it deserves.

Assign it to a category.

Categories are your blog’s overarching concepts.

Like, for example, my categories are digital marketing, business and blogging. Tags are   like subcategories or hashtags.


Media section is the gallery of your uploaded files, images from external source. It showcases files you upload, including images. You can see what you’ve already opened by clicking Library. To add a new photo, click “Add New”. You can also add to your media library when you are editing a post. You can title your images, edit their sizes, and update the Alt Text. Make sure you update the Alt Text on every image. This will contribute to your website’s search engine optimization and will help your articles rank higher on search engines.


Different than posts, Pages do not show up on your blog’s feed. You can get creative with the type of pages you make, but essential pages to write are an About Me page and a Contact page.


This section is where you can manage the comments on all your posts. You can approve comments, mark them as spam, and even reply to them!


The appearance section of your Dashboard is where you can select or upload your theme, and customize the look of your blog. Believe me, I really like the idea of being frugal. So, I tried finding a free theme. But, the customization that paid themes allow is tenfold. You are more likely to find the theme you want if you spend $20-50 on a theme. Themeforest has a huge marketplace for themes and it’s quite easy to navigate their website. While you’re searching for themes, all you have to do is hover over an image and it shows you that theme preview.


Plugins are an additional way you can customize your blog. Think of them like apps that help you make your blog do what you want! Plugins are what make software so much better than free hosted blogs.


Now What Next?

Register your domain name here.

Get the Super fast Web Hosting.

Add the beautiful theme and Start your Website.


I will suggest you 6 useful books for Business and Productivity

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