Tips for Social Media Marketing [in 2018]

Tips For Social Media Marketing In 2018

Coming new year there has been lot of updates in Social Media Marketing in 2018.  You can read my previous article on Social Media Marketing For small business.

Social Media Marketing is very important when you have to do digital marketing of your company brand or simply write a blog

If you are new in the Digital Marketing Field. You can read first what is digital marketing  and how digital marketing will help you to grow your business.

1. Make yourself on the social media.

A lack of social presence makes customers question your legitimacy and authenticity.

It is really a tough and competitive world for normal businesses. When a business is on the social media it is said to more active in business and is considered as more competent, focused and thoughtful than other competitors. You should focus on active social media campaigns, since it shows your prospective customer about your operations and working in online marketing.

2. Write content with consistency.

You should add as much as content and with consistency possible. It is initially really important to build the content as much as possible. As said content is king, it’s true. You have to pay attention to latest popular trends. Analyse your competitor’s strategies. And build new content based on those analysis. You should create high quality, engaging material to keep yourself in the competition on top. To keep consistent flow of content try following strategies.

Try breaking large posts into small posts.

Find out some latest trends, topics in your niche and recreate it for your own blog.

Outsource your post writing task to your coworkers internally or hire a content writer.

Find the audience who is interested in writing your content in your social media network.

Share the infographic or an idea to gain insights to your audience.

Start a discussion on your given topic. This will help you to gain some insights.

The more quality content , the more you have customers. And the more customers, the more you can earn money online.

3. Build relationship with your audience.

You are here on social media for the purpose. Study and find the audience of your niche. Build relationship with them. Be real. Use social media to promote the exchange of real ideas, and participate in the conversation in an authentic way. Don’t censor your followers. Share the relevant content with them. Find your niche. Create brand ambassadors. Follow trending conversations to see if there are certain conversations that are important to your prospects and customers. Put your audience’s interest first.  Always be asking yourself if what you’re posting will resonate with your audience. Will it empower them in any way? Are you providing them with something they’ll care about? If your audience finds value, they’ll continue to come back.

4. Know your target customer  

Social media has large quantity of content. But all the world isn’t going to matter if the content you’re providing isn’t interesting, relevant, or authentic. In fact, 91% of consumers most value honesty about product and services.

So how do you put your audience’s interests first? There are several tools out there to help you evaluate your audience demographics to understand what they’re interested in and how you can deliver it. Perhaps the easiest one is to use social media channel’s native analytics dashboard. You can find insights into your audience demographics such as age, interests, profession and location. Based on these analytics and demographics write an engaging content. By doing this you can consciously build meaningful relationships with them.

5. Be in tune with audience.

Giving human touch to your communication with audience is really important. Write the communication in the same way as if you were talking with your friend or a coworker. Messaging should be short, simple and yet informative, which will give you the exact required result. Your marketing should have feel of the natural conversation with your customer.

6. Start where your customers are.

Find out where your ideal customers are already hanging out and learn how to use that platform to reach them. It’s much easier to go to them than to try to bring them over into your favourite space. Find out your customers in Favourite Forums, Blogs and other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

7. Create a logical posting plan.

A posting plan should be based on your strategy with the goal of engaging your target audience. You should have the purpose in your mind that why you are using this media. It can be lead generation, personal branding or a customer service. Find out when the target audience is listening and schedule the posts accordingly. Create the detailed posts for your audience and schedule them on their reading time.

8. Dig deep in the successes of others.

You can find ideas anywhere; be sure to analyze and watch what your competitors are doing/posting. It’s also important to monitor what other businesses and companies are doing that catches your attention. Sign up for social media articles and tips from experts so you can daily or weekly receive emails with all sorts of tips, new information and social updates.

9. Write Entertaining with useful content.

People on social media hang out to be entertained, and not to be marketed. If you market your products or services to the audiences they might be wary of such things. Adding and crafting smart messages with entertaining replies can promote your brand.

10. Visual Content is the key.

If you are about to start on a content marketing campaign, you need to know exactly what will stimulate online growth and engagement. Text-based content is always going to be an integral part of marketing, but to really set yourself apart in the digital era, visual content is must for the digital marketing. Visual content may be in the form of Images, Videos, Infographics, memes, Presentations, Screenshots.

It’s preferable to use original images or ones taken by you, as this adds a much-desired personal touch to your campaign. High quality, attractive images are often expensive to purchase or time consuming to create. Fortunately, with resources such as Canva, you can create unique, captivating images for free with a simplistic drag-and-drop interface.

Alternatively, there are an endless amount of excellent quality photos on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Morguefile that can be acquired for free. Due to the vast amount of photos on these sites, it’s unlikely that other businesses within your niche will have used them already. Just be sure you have the authority to use them.

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